1. Kanashii
    Livingston, Kentucky
  2. Reveries
    Walla Walla, Washington
  3. The Hardened Heart
    Houston, Texas
  4. So Soon, The Truth
    Houston, Texas
  5. REY
    Raleigh, North Carolina
  6. Time Spent Driving
    Santa Cruz, California
  7. Paperback
    Wilkesboro, North Carolina
  8. An Author, A Poet
    Galveston, Texas
  9. Must Be The Holy Ghost
    North Carolina
  10. Bruxes
    Raleigh, North Carolina
  11. Lazarus Wilde
    Tallahassee, Florida


Cardigan Records Durham, North Carolina

Sharing emotion since 2013.

Current Roster:
An Author, A Poet
The Hardened Heart
So Soon, The Truth
Time Spent Driving
To Speak Of Wolves

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